MacDim Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot get MacDim to work. What should I do?
First check that you have installed MacDim properly. MacDim is a control panel. The file “MacDim” should be placed in the Control Panels folder inside the System folder. Be sure that MacDim is directly accessible from the Applemenu -> Control Panels -> MacDim. When MacDim has been put in the right place, you should restart your Mac. At startup you will see some icons at the bottom of the screen. Check that the MacDim icon is not red-crossed. Send a mail to us if it still does not work.

Q: How do I setup Fireballs to run as a MacDim module?
Open MacDim. Check the “Activate module launching” checkbox as shown in the figure. Then go to the Module settings page by clicking on the “Show module settings” button. Now click on the document-like icon in the upper left module settings area. This brings up a dialog box where you can add a module. Locate and select Fireballs (or the desired module).

Q: I have setup MacDim to launch a module, and it worked before, but now nothing happens when the module should be launched. Why?
Perhaps the alias (link) to the module is broken. Try to open the module from MacDim. Replace the old link if it does not work.

Q: When I launch Fireballs or ShadeCluster, it suddenly slows down a bit after a few seconds, but then speeds up again. Can I make this annoying delay to disappear?
No.This has to do with the multitasking on the mac. We could make it disappear, but we prefer to keep all background tasks running etc.

Q: Please help me! My Mac is permanently dimmed and I cannot get it back to normal. What should I do? [MacDim 2.0 and earlier]
In rare cases this could happen with MacDim 2.0 and earlier on some system versions. It had to do with the system software suddenly saving the set gamma table. If the problem remains after restart and even when MacDim has been removed, do not panic. First try to open the Monitor and Sound settings and toggle to another gamma table. If this does not work, you should remove the “Display Preferences” file in the System -> Preferences folder and restart. In MacDim 2.1 and later there is a patch to prevent the bug to appear.

Q: I have setup MacDim to launch a module after a certain time, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
Be sure that you have activated the module launching (see the figure above).

Q: I have setup MacDim to launch a module after a certain time, but the screen only dims. Why?
If the module is already open, MacDim dims the screen instead. Quit the module when you are not changing the settings.

Q: Why don't you implement harddisk sleep?
Harddisk sleep is a mess. There are always exceptions and possible causes of trouble. MacDim would not be as stable and small as it is. If you are lucky and have a new mac with energy saving features, you can however use the built-in features together with MacDim. Use a separate timing for harddisk sleep and turn-off the screen sleep in the Energy Saver control panel.
Should we add harddisk sleep? Please tell us your opinion.

Q: What should I do if none of the above applies to my problems?
You are always welcome to send us a mail. Please be precise. Check if bugs are reproducible or not.

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