MacDim Modules

MacDim modules from Ibrium

FireBalls 1.4.1 Flying fireballs with a lot of settings and variations. Shareware $5.
Bundled with MacDim.
Blackout 1.0.3 Simply empties the screens to black. Useful together with the password protection feature. Freeware.
Bundled with MacDim.
AD Launcher 1.1.1 AfterDark™ module launcher. Why use a program that consumes a lot of memory even when your computer is awake? AD Launcher can run most After Dark 2.0 and all freely available AfterDark™ modules. Shareware $5. [AfterDark is a trademark of Berkeley Systems Inc.]
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
ShadeCluster 1.1.1 Have you ever wondered how a long, organic molecule would look like in 3D? ShadeCluster gives you the answer. Shareware $5.
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
Tunnelvision 1.1.1 A development of the classical tunnel demo object, with hidden lines and physical motion. Shareware $5.
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
Molecules 1.1 There is a research database with structure information of interesting proteins and other molecules. This module rotates such proteins, sometimes containing thousands of atoms, in real time... Shareware $5. Some selected proteins and previews can be found here.
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
ChaosZoom 1.0 Zooming and rotating fractal-like shapes in full frame rate...
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
PixelGallery 1.0 A picture wiewer - What you all have been asking for!
Download [French version] [Japanese version]
PixelMorph - Pixel-lines morphing between different shapes.
Under development.
3D Apple 1.0 Unfortunately we did not get permission from Apple to release this module.It was intended to show a shiny, spinning 3D apple object on your screen using REAL TIME calculations. Instead we will make some new objects, which you will hopefully like.
MacDim modules from other authors
Coral 1.0 Coral shows a sort of fractal-generated coral growing on your screen. This module is ported to MacOS by Tommaso Pecorella. You can download it here. Please send any bug reports to Mr Pecorella.
LangtonAnts 1.0 Draws the random-walk pattern of two ants. Copyright Tommaso Pecorella. Download here.
Flame 1.0 Draw weird cosmic fractals. Originally written by Scott Graves.
Henon 1.0 A third module by Tommaso Pecorella. Read more here.

Developer information

Look at the developer page if you want to write your own MacDim module.