MacDim Modules - AD Launcher

What is AD Launcher?

AD Launcher is a MacDim module that can handle AfterDark modules complying to the public format. That means it runs mainly the hundreds of free AD modules, but also most After Dark 2.0, More After Dark and Evangelion modules. Unfortunately, we cannot support After Dark 3.0, 4.0, Disney, Looney Toons, Simpsons, StartTrek or Twisted After Dark modules.

Since AD Launcher is a MacDim module, no extra memory is occupied when you are working, only when AD Launcher is active.


All released MacDim modules can be downloaded from the main module page.

Latest changes

The new version fixes support for some additional AD modules and adds improved launching and quitting speed.

AD Launcher info

Version: 1.1.1
Size: 208 kB
Release date: December 25, 1999
MacDim module
Distribution: Shareware $5

Places with free AfterDark modules

You can find freeware and shareware AD modules at these places. Do you know of another place with nice modules?
Please tell us.

Sites with AfterDark modules

This is a list of third-party modules by various authors. Modules in fat are picked by us as rather good ones.
Site Modules
Modules by Simon Fraser Buzzz!, Mazin' Shapes, Morphin' Shapes, Autumn Leaves, Poincaré
Berkeley Systems / Third Party Modules Rypple, TacTiles, Soujourner Rover, Mars Images, Silky Balls, Satin, Clouds, Modernista, Luna, Saw, Electric Fire, Get Twisted!
Modules by Stephen Linhart Modernista, Collager, Luna, Electric Fire, Orbs Return
Newsguy screensavers list Various AD modules and other screensavers
zdshareware Selected screensavers and AD modules
L.Wood's archive Beyond Dunny™ Demo, Crayons, MacOS Warp, Running Bear, Saw, Triazzle, Zooma Zooma
Info-Mac.../ss/ 3D MetaBounce, Baba Thing, Blizzard, Flies 3D, Gone Since, TiCk-AtTaCk!, TileMovieAD, Trigo, VCD Screen Saver, Warp Factor


1. Even if these modules are launched by AD Launcher, we can not get rid of bugs present in a certain module. Test all your modules carefully before using them. Be aware that certain modules use a lot of memory.

2. Remove and trash AfterDark modules that do not work. Do not just uncheck them. You will forget why you unchecked them later.

3. Use the modules at your own risk. Ibrium HB or the authors of these modules should not be held responsible for any damage caused by them.

4. Some of the original Berkeley modules use special code. AD Launcher will not be able to launch these. Buy the latest version of After Dark from your local dealer if you want to run them. AfterDark is a trademark of Berkeley Systems Inc.