MacDim Tips

Tips and less known features in MacDim and MacDim modules.

1. Uncheck the “Quit Afterwards” in the module topic when you launch an interactive screensaver.

2. Put the mouse in a “Standby” corner if you want to temporarily disable dimming or module launching.

3. Sometimes you suddenly want to change the settings in a MacDim module that is running. Press the ESC key to enter the settings dialog.

4. Are you using the MacDim modules without MacDim? Then you would probably like to directly launch the screensaver, without entering the settings dialog. Uncheck the “Open Dialog” checkbox in the module.

5. To enter the settings dialog again if you have unchecked the “Open Dialog” checkbox in a MacDim module, either press the ESC key when the module is running or keep the command key (apple key) down while launching the module.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about MacDim and MacDim modules.