NPD Future Plans

NPD 2.3

With this version we added some very nice new features and even took some from the 3.0 plans.

  • + Global scrap area
  • + Better trash system
  • + File/alias links
  • + Search result listing
  • + Embedded pictures
  • + Trash system
  • + RTF export/import

NPD 3.0, ...

These are some other suggestions what to implement. Depending on your opinion we will add them sooner or later.

  • PowerSearch (simple regular expressions system)
  • Text format context menu
  • More extensive support of Apple Script
  • Auto-indent tabs
  • Tabs to spaces conversion
  • + Export with Mac/UNIX/PC line feeds etc.
  • + Export to single text file
  • Sort up/down
  • Smart quotes and other small text features
  • ... (You tell us)

We really need your response. Please tell us what you would like to see in the next or a future version! You could also vote on items above.