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Version: 2.3.5
Size: 832 kB
Release date: May 22, 2005
Distribution: Shareware $25

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What is NotePad Deluxe?

NotePad Deluxe is a fast and powerful notepad for Macintosh.

NotePad Deluxe has built-in support for strong encryption, multiple databases, spell checking, web links, labelling, sorting, real tabs and more.

Version 2.3.x supports embedded pictures (pictures within notes), browser objects (QT movies, pictures, sounds, etc.), file links / aliases to external files, RTF import/export, export to single file, Mac/UNIX/PC line feeds, trash system, global scrap, search result listing, database file structure - the database is now a bundle, quartz rendering in OSX 10.1.5 and newer, more than 30 chars in the header, inline input, supports two/three-button mice in OSX, has unicode support in RTF documents and file names, and supports bundled services (e.g. Excalibur).

Version 2.3.5 fixes some bugs and conflicts with OSX 10.4:
- The size of the browser can now be changed again
- Several print fixes
- More robust bundles
- Fixed crashes that could occur when activating the program

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