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NotePad Deluxe 2.3.4 Released

We are proud to present version 2.3.4 of NotePad Deluxe, our powerful notepad for MacOS/MacOSX.

Press release

Ibrium HB announces NotePad Deluxe 2.3.4

NotePad Deluxe is a fast, powerful, multi-purpose notepad for Macintosh. It is distributed as shareware $25.

Download PPC version:

Download Carbon version:

NotePad Deluxe supports nested topics, extensive drag and drop, find and replace, local/global text formats, quick-find, labels, lock, a floating database palette, encryption (Blowfish), contextual menus, real tabs, spell checking and a lot of other things.

New in version 2.3 is support of embedded pictures (pictures within notes), browser objects (QT movies, pictures, sounds, etc.), file links / aliases to external files, RTF import/export, export to single file, better Mac/UNIX/PC line feeds, trash system, global scrap, search result listing, database file structure - the database is now a bundle, quartz rendering in OSX 10.1.5 and newer, more than 30 chars in the header, better inline input, and some important bug fixes.

Version 2.3.4 fixes some conflicts with OSX 10.3:
- Excessive memory usage, very slow typing
- Window activation during program switch
Version 2.3.4 also adds better file type recognition, supports two/three-button mice in OSX, has unicode support in RTF documents and file names, supports bundled services (e.g. Excalibur) and fixes some minor bugs.

System Requirements:
System 7.5 or later or OSX.

Product site:

About Ibrium HB
Ibrium HB is a small company that started in 1996 with the aim to develop high quality, low cost applications for Macintosh. NotePad Deluxe and MacDim are our two main products. In addition, we are conducting the open source Mac-On-Linux (MOL) project. MOL lets you run MacOS/MacOSX under PowerPC Linux on PowerPC based machines. Since it runs natively on the processor, it is very fast.

-- MacDim --
MacDim is a freeware screensaver with shareware screensaver modules for OS9. MacDim has been a great success. Features include dimming, module launching, password protection, and energy saving. The present version is 2.2.1. Our MacDim modules include: Fireballs, Blackout, ShadeCluster, AD Launcher, Tunnelvision, Molecules, ChaosZoom, and PixelGallery (shareware $20 for all or $5 for a single module).

-- Mac-on-Linux --
Further info: Samuel Rydh <>

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For further information, please contact
Andreas Rydh <>
Phone: +1 (312) 890 9619