Ibrium Shareware Registration Info


NotePad Deluxe and our MacDim modules are shareware. This means you can download them freely to try them out. If you like the program(s) we ask you to pay the small shareware fee. Paying (=registering) is very simple. Different methods are given below. Are you considering to pay the fee? Please do. We really depend on you!

Online registration

We use the services of Kagi, a company specialized on shareware registrations and used by a large fraction of all shareware producers. Their online registration system accepts almost all credit cards. We now use a computerized code generation for NotePad Deluxe, so normally you could expect to receive the code from Kagi within minutes after paying the shareware fee.

Click here to register online!

1. Pricing

Our products have the following pricing.

NotePad Deluxe
Single user license: $25
Five users license: $75
Site license: $200

Fireballs, ShadeCluster, AD Launcher, Molecules, Tunnelvision, ChaosZoom, PixelGallery, PixelMorph, ...
Single user license: $5 per module
All our present and future MacDim modules: $20 for all
Site license: Please contact us

The information below is not needed if you are going to register online.

2. Using the Register program

The Register application may have been installed with the programs. If you can not find it, download it here:

Ibrium Register application
register.hqx (75 kB)

You should use the Register program to pay for our products ONLY if you do not want to register online. The Register application is a small program where you can enter your address, the programs and number of copies you want to pay for, and if you want to pay by check or cash etc. The program creates a printout with the information, which you should send to Kagi.

Postcard receipt
If you have not specified an e-mail address, you have to check the postcard receipt box in the Register application.

Credit card
If you are goint to pay with a credit card you can email or fax the printout from the Register program to Kagi, otherwhise you should mail them the printout together with the cash or the USD check. Their email address is shareware@kagi.com and their fax number is +1 510 652-6589.

You can either copy the data from Register and paste into the body of an email message, or you can save the data to a file and attach it to an email message. You do not need to compress the datafile.

Payments sent via email are processed within 3 to 4 days. You will receive an email acknowledgement when it is processed. Payments sent via fax take up to 10 days, and if you provide a correct internet email address you will receive an email acknowledgement.

Cash or USD Check
If you are paying with Cash or USD Check, you should mail the printout from the Register program to Kagi. Send it to the address shown on the printout, which is:

Kagi Shareware
1442-A Walnut Street PMB#392-SR
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

You can pay with a wide variety of cash from different countries but if you pay via check, it must be a check drawn in US Dollars. Kagi cannot accept checks in other currencies, the conversion rate for non-USD checks is around USD 15 per check.

Do you need an invoice?
If you have a purchasing department, you cand select Invoice as your payment method in the Register program. Print three copies of the form and send two of them to your accounts payable people. Highlight the line that mentions that they must include a copy of the form with their (USD check) payment.

Please contact us if you want us to send you an invoice directly from Ibrium HB.

3. Swedish users

Swedish users also have the option to pay via postgiro.

Registrering via postgiro
Betalningsmottagare Postgironummer
Ibrium HB 134 44 55-9

Sharewareavgift vid direkt betalning
Program Avgift
NotePad Deluxe 200 kr
MacDim-moduler 40 kr/st, 160 kr/alla

4. Registration code

Our products are protected by registration codes. You will receive your code(s) from Kagi together with instructions how to enter it(them). If you have specified an email address, you will receive the code(s) per email.

The user licenses cover all future versions.